Cesar Torres, Ph.D.

As a researcher, I specialize in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) with interests in computational design, physical computing, digital fabrication, creativity support tools, and human-centered design. I publish in technical and design HCI conferences.

I hold degrees in Computer Science (Ph.D. '19 - UC Berkeley, B.S. '13 - Stanford), in Art Practice (B.A. '13 - Stanford), and in New Media (D.E. '19 • UC Berkeley).

To learn more about my current research works and interests, visit my lab website at The Hybrid Atelier.


Lab •  The Hybrid Atelier (ERB 281/282)

At UTA, I direct the Hybrid Atelier (ERB 281/282) a research makerspace investigating the smart creative environment. The atelier is a site of creative inquiry for mixed-reality user interfaces, human-motion capture and analysis, and exploratory engineering of interactive clay, glass, and printmaking practices.


Course No./Syllabus Semester Time Location
CSE 5392/6392
Multimedia Design Tools (3 units)
Fall 2020 TBD TBD
CSE 3392
Intro to Human-Computer Interaction (Tech Elective: CS & SE)
Spring 2020 TuTh 2-3:50PM Trimble Hall 110
Course No./Syllabus Semester
CSE 5392/6392
Multimedia Design Tools (3 units)
Fall 2019
CS160 (UCB)
Intro to UI Design and Development
Summer 2017